The Advocacy Center and LDA Life and Learning Services were founded by people who wanted better opportunities for their loved ones with disabilities. Now together as Starbridge, they partner with people with disabilities, their families and others who support them, to realize fulfilling possibilities in education, employment, health and community living.
The connection to the community is vital. Starbridge is reaching out to form partnerships in our community. Our goal is to improve the educational success of students who have special education needs. We offer workshops in English and Spanish designed to educate and empower parents to become involved in their children’s education in a meaningful way. Most Workshops are FREE to parents. The following is a short list of the topics we offer:
• Overview of CSE (Committee of Special Education)
• Understanding Challenging Behaviors
• Advocacy Steps
• Effective Communication
• ABCs of a Meeting
If you would like more information or would like to collaborate to provide workshops to those you serve, please feel free to contact M.Cubi at 224-7327 or email .